10 Tips for Bike/Scooter Rental

We understand how overwhelming it may seem to rent a scooter/bike, particularly in these trying times. And so, we have compiled the ultimate guide on how to rent a scooter/bike today!

As of December 2019, India leads the world’s scooter sharing economy, with Indian scooter rental applications owning more than 15,000+ vehicles.

Add to this the COVID-19 induced clampdown on mass transport systems, and we have a situation wherein the already extensive bike/scooter rental industry in India seems like a desirable proposition that ensures convenient mobility without compromising on safety.

At Letz Rent — as India’s first Online Rental Aggregator, we believe that the want for personal mobility while ensuring safety is a common desire and in fact a requirement for most Indian customers.

We understand how overwhelming it may seem to rent a scooter/bike, particularly in these tough times. And so, we have compiled the ultimate guide on how to rent a scooter/bike today!

  1. Pick a trusted rental agency:
  2. Ceratin service providers like Bounce, have gained the trust of the community of consumers based on their exemplar performance and dedication to ensuring quality service. There are whole communities built around the concept of scooter/bike rental from specific service providers, and we would recommend tapping into reviews from these communities before you decide what service provider to go with. Reviews can be found on the Facebook pages of these companies as well as on online platforms like Quora.

2. Booking in advance:

By booking your rental bike/scooter in advance, you can avoid the surge in price that comes with last-minute bookings. This is particularly the case if you are making a booking for the holiday season or close to a big event in your region. Please note that even weekday-weekend prices tend to differ for most service providers, given the rise in demand on the weekends. So, to minimize costs, book as early as possible.

3. Find the bike that’s right for you:

Bikes/scooters may differ in terms of their weight — with some that have lighter weights and others that are heavier in nature. The weight of a bike/scooter may come to affect its handling, thereby determining how smooth your ride is. So, we recommend paying heed to the weight of the particular bike/scooter you are considering renting, and based on this determining whether it is the right ride for you or not.

4. Consider the height:

Being able to place your feet on the ground for balancing is an important consideration to take into account when selecting which bike/scooter to rent. The bike/scooter should be of a height that matches yours, so as to ensure easier handling.

5. Check out the vehicle beforehand:

We would suggest checking out the bike/scooter you have shortlisted for any damages that exist before it is under your care. This is important to ensure that you are not held liable for damages you did not create in the first place. If you do find any shortcomings please do make sure to record the same.

6. The Availability of Service Centers:

Imagine the inconvenience of having to lug your rented bike/scooter a long-distance amongst Indian traffic to get it repaired in the unlikely event that something goes wrong! To spare yourself this ordeal, your screening process should also include collecting and collating information on where service centers for the bike/scooter are located and whether these would be accessible to you on your journey or not.

7. Go through an aggregator:

Aggregators are platforms/mediums via which customers can access vetted, tried, and tested service providers. Aggregators like LetzRent, offer a wide choice, competitive pricing, and maximize convenience.

8. Factor in additional costs:

Another factor to take into account is the expense incurred in going to pick up as well as drop back the bike/scooter from the rental unit. At times, the distance from such a unit may even be 10 km, in which case we recommend renting a car through an aggregator that helps secure your home delivery of the rental bike/scooter before your journey and pick up at the end of your journey.

9. Be aware of the rental company’s rules and policies:

How can you proceed, if you wish to extend your rental lease by a day? The answer to questions like these is available in the rental company’s rules and policies section. We would recommend acquainting yourself with the same and being aware of what options are available to you should you go with a particular scooter/bike rental company.

10. Safety first!

Bike/scooter rental companies and startups are emphasizing safety now more than ever. Do invest some time into finding out about the safety policies employed by different service providers. For instance: Bounce — a Bangalore based bike rental company is urging people to bring in their own helmets.

We do hope our ultimate guide on Bike/Scooter rental helps you find the perfect vehicle to meet your mobility needs. Do you still feel overwhelmed by the idea of renting a bike/scooter? If so, do drop up a message or a comment and we would be more than happy to converse with you on this topic.

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